Sports Slaw Episode #46 LIVE

Sports Slaw episode #46 - Lomas and Deb are talking football with good friend and everything you want to know about the behind the scenes of football, Bill Keenist toPreview of the 2021 NFL Draft and Chauvin Decision verdict

Looking at 2020 through the Eyes of History

One of the more interesting things that sports and the law have in common is that they are dynamic.  It doesn’t matter what you know today, and what you knew yesterday, because tomorrow is another day. As a law professor, I believe that the historical perspective...

SportsSlaw Episode #34

Join Lomas and Deb for their "Year In Review" of the first year of the podcast "Sports Slaw". They discuss everything from the guests that they had on the show, on how Covid effected on how things were ran in high school sport to the pros. Sit back and enjoy the podcast

Sportsslaw- Episode #33

Sportsslaw- Episode #33Sportsslaw- Episode #33 - Featuring Dr Rodney Rohde and Dr Anna Durbin talking about vaccinations, epidemiology, and the effects on sports. Who will get the vaccine and when?

Sportsslaw – Episode #32

Sportsslaw - Episode #32 - Lance Gable, associate professor of law at Wayne State University Law School, expert on public health law and bioethics, and former interim dean of Wayne Law talks with Lomas and Deb about governmental authority to restrict gatherings and...

SportsSlaw episode #31

The Road Ahead. Lomas and Deb talk about current issues in sports and how we move forward.

SportsSlaw Episode #30 WOMEN IN SPORTS

Sportsslaw - Episode #30 featuring World Renowned sailor Dawn Riley, first woman ever to manage an entire America's Cup syndicate, and the first American, man or woman, to sail in three America's Cups and two Whitbread Round the World races Sports Slaw with Deb...

Sportsslaw – Episode #20 Women in Sports

Women in Sports - Lomas and Deb talk about women in sports as coaches, GMs, and athletes. Title IX and cutting sports at the collegiate level. Will COVID help or hurt women's sports?